About The Authors

Hello, we’re Allison Zmuda and Bena Kallick.

Bena and Allison joined forces in 2014 when Allison saw how Habits of Mind grows a learning culture that values the humanizing aspect of personalized learning and Bena noticed how a focus on personalized learning generates more urgency for self-directed learning. They are dedicated to growing healthy, collaborative education communities around the world.

They co-authored Students at the Center: Personalized Learning with Habits of Mind as well as many articles and blogs. Their most recent publications are instructional toolkits that provide practices and processes that personalize learning with Habits of Mind.

Their mission is to use what they are learning to help educators navigate the often messy, challenging, and — at times — discouraging transition from an outdated learning process to one that’s vibrant, dynamic, and inspires learning with teachers and students.

Author & Consultant

Bena Kallick

Bena is a consultant providing direction to school districts, State Departments of Education, professional organizations, and public agencies throughout the United States and internationally. 

Her practice focuses on group dynamics, creative and critical thinking, and alternative assessment strategies in the classroom. 

Kallick has taught at Yale University of Organization and Management, University of Massachusetts Center for Creative and Critical Thinking, and Union Graduate School. She served on the board of Jobs for the Future.

Bena is the author of many books and articles, co-founder of the Institute for Habits of Mind, and co-recipient of the Malcolm Knowles Award for Self-Directed Learning from the International Society for Self-Directed Learning.

Bena lives in Westport, CT with her husband and the visiting clan of 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Author & Consultant

Allison Zmuda

Allison has spent nearly two decades as a full-time education consultant specializing in curriculum, assessment, and instruction.

She works with her clients to imagine learning experiences worthy of the pursuit for both students and educators, designing work that’s relevant, meaningful, challenging, and appropriate.

Since 2001, Allison has co-authored 11 books, including most recently:

Learning Sets with Heidi H Jacobs

Students at the Center: Personalized Learning and Habits of Mind (ASCD) with Bena Kallick.

The Quest for Learning (Solution Tree) (with Marie Alcock and Michael Fisher)

In addition to her consulting work, Allison curates learningpersonalized.com, a website community where she shares her writing and that of colleagues and other educators. She has also developed a series of online personalized learning courses with Bena Kallick, available on Eduplanet21.

Allison lives in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband and two teenage children.

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