Bundle of All 7 Toolkits

Recently updated toolkits feature:

  • Lay of the land: understanding how the toolkit is organized to promote your personalized use
  • Table of contents: description of each of the practices and processes
  • Curated set of practices and processes that are now aligned with SEL Competencies as well as annotations for the teacher to show the connections to Four Attributes, Habits of Mind, and SEL Competencies





The development of these toolkits was a labor of love to help promote clarity as to what personalized learning and habits of mind looks like, feels like, and sounds like in classrooms and in the school culture. We mined our decades of consulting practice to identify a handful of processes and practices that can be part of your learning ecosystem. Each toolkit provides clear directions and some possible prompts for reflection and future growth.

Included toolkits:

  1. Coaching for Self-Directed Learning
  2. Cultivating Learner Discourse
  3. Designing Portfolios to Capture Learning
  4. Developing Academic Groups
  5. Growing Learners as Researchers
  6. Growing Metacognition in Our Learners
  7. Using Rubrics to Guide Self Assessment