The Habits Personalized Processes & Practices (P&P) Downloadable PDF Toolkits are designed for today’s ‘classroom’ — taking into account COVID-19 short-term disruptions and the long-term future of school.

Each beautifully designed, downloadable PDF toolkit:

  • Reflects a range of learning situations so teachers can seamlessly transition between a virtual, face-to-face, or hybrid scenario
  • Guides teachers on how to progressively move students so they can have more power over their learning
  • Applies to a range of grade levels and subject areas so teachers can use them again and again
  • Is the result of many years of sharing these practices and processes with educators to ensure their long-term, positive impact on student participation and engagement

You get a Toolkit with multiple practices and processes that’s clear, concise, and ready for use right away

  • Explanation: a summary of what the tool is and its specific personalized learning attributes, elements, and Habits of Mind
  • Purpose: rationale for why it’s impactful for both learning and learners
  • Directions: illustrative strategies and steps for how to use it
  • Suggestions to Personalize: more substantive opportunities to engage learners’ voice, co-creation, social construction, and self-discovery
  • Learner Reflection, Teacher Reflection, and Feedback: suggested learner and teacher prompts to evaluate learning impact

P&P Toolkits

Growing Metacognition in Our Learners (PDF Download)

Do you want learners to become more aware and more in control of directing their thinking?

This toolkit focuses on three critical processes:

  1. Improving listening skills
  2. Strategies for problem-solving
  3. Prompting questions to reflect on learning

Price: $9.99

Using Rubrics to Guide Self Assessment (PDF Download)

How can we bring learners into making use of rubrics to benefit their learning?

How can rubrics become a trusted guide for learners to self-evaluate and improve their work?

This toolkit focuses on:

  1. How to grow learners’ capacity to become more self-assessing by examining 
  2. Learning how to use the scoring descriptors in a rubric to improve their performance

Price: $9.99

Designing Portfolios to Capture Learning (PDF Download)

How can learners examine their work to tell the story of what they have achieved and where they want to grow next?

This toolkit guides the collection, selection, reflection, and direction for your learners.

Teachers can use it in conjunction with any digital platform.

Price: $9.99

Coaching for Self-Directed Learning (PDF Download)

What helps learners become more self-directed and responsible for their own learning?

This toolkit provides strategies that develop the learners’ capacity for managing, monitoring, and modifying their workflow — fundamental to self direction.

Price: $9.99

Growing Learners as Researchers (PDF Download)

How do we slow down the inquiry process to focus on growing more thoughtful research skills before learners rush to doing a project/assignment?

This toolkit focuses on the posing and pursuing of questions as a deliberate set of skills and habits that can be used across grade levels and content areas.

Price: $9.99

P&P Toolkits (Coming Soon)

We continuously sift through effective processes and practices, adapt and generate fresh ideas, and create toolkits to guide contemporary learning. Check back for these upcoming additions:

Focusing Teamwork

How do we make collaborative discourse and actions more meaningful through an effective use of teamwork?

Engaging with Critique and Exploration as Learners

How do we develop dispositions in our learners to seek and benefit from expertise, critique, and co-creation?

They said

Region One teachers have experienced remarkable growth as a result of working with Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda. Changes in instruction, culture and climate have surpassed everyone's expectations and the impact on students' love of learning is evident in student achievement across all grade levels.

Lisa Carter, Assistant Superintendent Region One Schools, CT

Working with Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda has been transformational for our school district. Their expansive knowledge and expertise has led to a genuine movement among our teachers and administrators towards a learner-centered mindset. Our collective work as educators is more coherent, more relevant and more personal.

Matt Doyle, Superintendent Vista Unified School District, CA

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